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Spot Smoke Detectors

Conventional 2351E – Photoelectric Smoke DetectorDatasheetsPDF668.14 KBEnglish
Conventional 2351TEM – Photoelectric Smoke/Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF666.30 KBEnglish
Conventional 5351TE – Fixed Temperature Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF619.26 KBEnglish
Conventional 5351EA – Rate of Rise & Fixed Temperature Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF669.93 KBEnglish
Conventional 4351EA – Fixed Temperature Thermal Detector ModelDatasheetsPDF664.59 KBEnglish
Conventional Vision 2020P Photoelectric DetectorDatasheetsPDF158.75 KBEnglish
Conventional Vision 2020PT Smoke/Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF166.89 KBEnglish
Conventional Vision 2020R – Rate Of Rise Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF157.72 KBEnglish
Conventional Vision 2020HF – Fixed Temperature Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF170.94 KBEnglish
Conventional Vision 2020F – Fixed Temperature Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF159.07 KBEnglish
Conventional ECO1003A – Photoelectric Smoke DetectorDatasheetsPDF801.33 KBEnglish
Conventional ECO1004T – Fixed Temperature Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF742.92 KBEnglish
Conventional ECO1005T – Fixed Temperature Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF742.47 KBEnglish
Conventional ECO1005 – Rate of Rise Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF742.29 KBEnglish
Conventional ECO1002 – Photoelectric Smoke/Thermal DetectorDatasheetsPDF600.16 KBEnglish
Analogue – Heater Base Model B524HTRDatasheetsPDF153.23 KBEnglish
Analogue Isolator Base – B524IEFT-1DatasheetsPDF3.43 MBEnglish
Addressable 22051E – Photoelectric Smoke DetectorDatasheetsPDF192.52 KBEnglish
Addressable 52051E – Thermal DetectorsDatasheetsPDF208.04 KBEnglish
Addressable 22051TLE – Photoelectric, Thermal, & Infra-Red Multi-CriteriaDatasheetsPDF192.53 KBEnglish
Addressable 72051EI – High Sensitivity Point Smoke Detector DatasheetDatasheetsPDF624.35 KBEnglish
Addressable 2251CTLE – Photo, Thermal, CO & IR Multi-Criteria Detector DatasheetDatasheetsPDF715.40 KBEnglish
DS-DET-200-EN_01_IS_Sensor_22051EISEDatasheetsPDF661.38 KBEnglish
Addressable M501MEA – Mini Input ModuleDatasheetsPDF95.55 KBEnglish
Addressable Multiple Input/Output ModuleDatasheetsPDF890.29 KBEnglish
Conventional Zone Monitor Module – Capacitive E.O.L/Resistive E.O.L for IS DevicesDatasheetsPDF733.95 KBEnglish