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Conventional ECO1000


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3 products found

Conventional ECO1003A Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The ECO1003A photoelectric smoke detector uses a state-of-the art optical chamber operating on the light scattering principle, combined with an application specific integrated circuit to provide quick and accurate fire detection.

Conventional ECO1002A Photoelectric Smoke/Thermal Detector

The ECO1002 is a multi-criteria detector uses a state-of-the-art optical chamber and a thermal element combined with a microprocessor, running sophisticated algorithms to provide quick and accurate detection of fires.

Conventional ECO1004T, ECO1005 & ECO1005T Thermal Detectors

The three thermal detectors ECO1004T, ECO1005 & ECO1005T is applicable for small-to-medium sized systems, such as small industrial units, retail units and guest houses.