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Beam Smoke Detectors

OSI-RE-SS Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-502-FR_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.11 MBFrench
OSI-RIE-xx Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-007-FR_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.08 MBFrench
OSI-RE-SS Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-502-DE_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.07 MBGerman
OSI-RIE-xx Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-007-DE_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.09 MBGerman
OSI-RIE-xx Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-007-IT_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.10 MBItalian
OSI-RE-SS Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-502-IT_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.07 MBItalian
OSI-RE-SS Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-502-ES_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.08 MBSpanish
OSI-RIE-xx Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-007-ES_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.10 MBSpanish
OSI-RIE-xx Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-007-EN_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.09 MBEnglish
OSI-RE-SS Datasheet (Doc. No. DS-DET-502-EN_01)Beam Smoke DetectorsPDF1.03 MBEnglish
DS-DET-501-EN-02_Beam_6500RE_6500RSEBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF595.20 KBEnglish
DS-DET-500-EN-02_Beam_6500E_6500SEBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF594.15 KBEnglish
Analogue Beam Detectors – 6500 / 6500SBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF669.76 KBEnglish
Conventional Beam Detectors – 6500R / 6500RSBeam Smoke DetectorsPDF670.24 KBEnglish