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Beam Smoke Detectors

TitleFormatExpiry DateProductApprovalApproval NoSupplier 
OSI-RIE-xx CD Certificate of Compliance G222041 2022-12-12PDF11/12/2026OSI-RE-SSCDG222041Dubai Civil Defense
OSI-RE-SS CD Certificate of Compliance G222028 2022-10-21PDF20/10/2026OSI-RE-SSCDG222028Dubai Civil Defense
G222041 OSI-RIE 221212PDF11/12/2026OSI-RIE-xxVdSG222041VdS
OSI-RE-SS VdS Certificate G222028 2022-10-21PDF20/10/2026OSI-RE-SSVdSG222028VdS
DOP-LPB023_00 OSI-RIE-xxPDFOSI-RIE-xxDeclaration of PerformanceDOP-LPB023Internal
DOC-OSI-RIE-xx_00PDFOSI-RIE-xxDeclaration of Conformity CEDOC-OSI-RIE-xxInternal
DOP-LPB016_00 OSI-RE-SSPDFOSI-RE-SSDeclaration of PerformanceDOP-LPB016Internal
DOC-OSI-RE-SS_00PDFOSI-RE-SSDeclaration of Conformity CEDOC-OSI-RE-SSInternal
B-9073-FD-K 1064-a – OSI-RE-SS 210703PDF02/06/2033OSI-RE-SSBOSECB-9073-FD-K 1064-aANPI
LF 013 B0 OSI-RE-SS 201222PDF31/12/2023OSI-RE-SSAFNORLF 013 B0AFNOR
B-9073-FD-K1064-c – 2033 06 02 – OSI-RE-SS – BOSECPDF
0333-CPR-075624 – 2020 10 29 – OSI-RE-SS – FRPDF
0333-CPR-075624 – 2020 10 29 – OSI-RE-SS – GBPDF
DOC-6500E_00 – AllPDF
DOP-LPB024_00 6500(S)E-yyPDF
DOP-LPB025_00 6500R(S)EPDF
2831-CPR-F0308 – 6500R and 6500RS 191017PDF
2831-CPR-F1973 – 6500-yy and 6500S-yy 191017PDF
B01742 6500 (Cert and Enc) 150602PDF
B-9073-FD-K 538d – 6500(R)(S) 170427PDF28/08/2027
G205033 – 6500(S)-xx 190401PDF31/03/2022
G205034 – 6500R(S) 190401PDF31/03/2022