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Panel I/O Modules

Digital Transformation in System Sensor Europe – Packaging (Doc. No. PB-DET-010_00) – August 2023BulletinsPDF193.80 KBEnglish
Digital Transformation in System Sensor Europe – QR Code (Doc. No. PB-DET-008_00) – April 2023Aspirating Smoke DetectorsPDF300.81 KBEnglish
New M210EA CZ & CZR Wired Modules (PB-MOD-007_00_EN) – October 2022BulletinsPDF312.26 KBEnglish
New M200EA 240V Wired Module (PB-MOD-006_00_EN) – March 2022BulletinsPDF237.82 KBEnglish
M200 Wired Range of IO Modules Orders (Doc. No. PB-MOD-004_00) – November 2021BulletinsPDF201.08 KBEnglish
M201EA Module in Unsupervised Mode (Doc. No. PB-MOD-003_00) – October 2021BulletinsPDF199.39 KBEnglish
New M200EA I&O Wired Modules (Doc. No. PB-MOD-002_00) – April 2021BulletinsPDF202.96 KBEnglish
I&O Wired Modules and Kits EOL Notice for Russia (Doc. No. PB-MOD-001_00) – May 2021BulletinsPDF250.29 KBEnglish