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FAAST LT-200 Loop Based Aspirating Smoke Detector

The FAAST LT-200 Aspirating Smoke Detector is designed with the installer and end user in mind to serves the wide variety of Class C applications.

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FAAST LT-200 combines proven aspirating smoke detection technologies to deliver reliable smoke detection and efficient installation and maintenance. The device comprises innovative and intelligent internal design features created to maximize performance whilst protecting vulnerable components. These include a high sensitivity LED detection chamber (featuring a high-power output IR LED and high gain IR receiver amplifier), along with ultrasonic flow sensors. The device is quick to install and easy to commission thanks to Pipe-IQ pipe design and configuration software, which is included as standard. FAAST LT-200 Loop based devices are available as single channel, dual channel and single channel double detection chamber devices.


  • High sensitivity LED Detection Chamber specially designed to cover Class C.
    • Includes a high-power output IR LED and high gain IR receiver amplifier
  • Single & Dual channel versions with independent channels including fan, sensor and flow monitoring
  • Ultrasonic airflow sensing with expanded monitoring range
  • A single device covers up to 2,000m² according to national design regulations
  • Pipe-IQ™ software provides intuitive system layout and configuration all in one package