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Wireless Smoke Detectors

TitleFormatExpiry Date 
0333-CPR-075496 – R5A-RF 190425PDF25/04/2024
0359-CPR-00819 – WSO-xx-RF 181108PDF
0789-CPR-21606 – DKMCPR-RF 181207PDF
0832-CPD-0927 – Issue1 – IM-10PDF
DoC XW100 Wireless modulePDF
DOP-IRF001_02 – M200G-RF-yyPDF
DOP-IRF005_02 R5A-R-yyPDF
DOP-IRF006_00 – M200F-RF-yyPDF
DOP-IRF024_00 – M211E-RFPDF
DOP-IRF027_01 – WSO-xx-RFPDF
G209021 – 22051E 190614PDF13/06/2020
G209022 – 52051E 190614PDF13/06/2020
G209023 – 52051HTE 190614PDF13/06/2020
G209024 – 52051RE 190614PDF13/06/2020
G217068 – 22051E-RF-yy 170717PDF16/07/2021
G217069 – 52051RE-RF-yy 170717PDF16/07/2021
G217070 – 52051E-RF-yy 170717PDF16/07/2021
G218088 DKMDPR-RF 181016PDF15/10/2022