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Conventional S300 Photoelectric Smoke/Thermal Detector

The 2351TEM photoelectric smoke/thermal detector forms part of the Series 300 range of conventional detectors. With its multitude of innovative features, the Series 300 is a detector which ‘acts conventionally, thinks intelligently’.

The 2351TEM photoelectric smoke/thermal detector incorporates an optical chamber and a thermal element, which in turn are continually monitored by an on-board processor by using algorithms developed specifically for the unit. An alarm signal is only enabled in the detector once the processor is satisfied that an incipient fire has been detected. By using a combination of inputs, the incidence of nuisance alarms is reduced while at the same time, the response time to an actual fire is also improved.


  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Dust tolerant chamber with optimum detection performance and minimal nuisance alarms between maintenance visits
  • Hand-held programming test unit
  • Addressable feature
  • Compatible with S300ZDU Zonal Display Unit
  • Advanced maintenance features, implemented via a hand-held tool
  • Read and write last maintenance date, chamber contamination level, thermal element value
  • Programmable sensitivity
  • Selectable Blink/No–Blink LED option via hand-held tool
  • Automatic alarm test via hand-held tool
  • Multi-function Alarm – Normal bi-colour LED indicator
  • – 30°C to +70°C operating temperature range
  • EN54 (2000) Part 7 Certified (Amend.1); EN54 (2000) Part 5 Class A1R
  • Backward compatible with Series 100 bases
  • Wide operating voltage:8-30VDC