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Agile Wireless DKM Call Point

The Agile Wireless DKM Call Point forms part of the Agile range of products that cover a wide range of applications where wiring is undesired.

The Agile Wireless Fire Detection System is a newly designed platform of wireless fire devices suitable for all applications where wired fire devices cannot be installed for economic or aesthetic reasons. The new wireless platform is powered by robust MESH network technology providing REDUNDANT communication paths to each wireless device. This makes the network highly reliable, protecting against broken communication links. All operations for the design, configuration and diagnostics of the systems are greatly simplified thanks to the AgileIQ™ software suite specifically designed to support AGILE through out the whole lifecycle of the product.

Agile Wireless DKM Features

  • Mesh multiple communication paths for increased reliability
  • 18RF channels at 868MHz – provides greater tolerance to interference
  • 2 integrated orthogonal antennas – easier positioning of devices
  • Up to 400 m free air communication range – providing good coverage levels
  • Average 5 year battery service life – reducing maintenance requirements
  • Addresses set using rotary switches – reduced commissioning time
  • Tamper-resist locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised opening of DKM door
  • Wired fire devices look and feel – easier installation and visual integration
  • Patented battery service life prediction feature – more proactive maintenance
  • Peace of mind – battery redundancy, delivering ‘always on’ performance
  • Up to 32 Wireless devices per Gateway
  • Agile IQ 3-in-1 software for easy design, configuration and diagnostics



German Blue Manual Call Point – Model number DKMCPB

German Red Manual Call Point – Model number DKMCPR