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Analogue Relay Base
– B524RTE

The System Sensor B524RTE is a specialist base in addition to the traditional low profile or deep bases, designed for use with all System Sensor 200 analogue addressable detectors.

The B524RTE Relay Base provides a single pole changeover contact which switches when the detector LED is activated from the control panel.


  • An external power supply is requested to drive the heater resistors
  • All terminals have to be fully screwed home prior to installation of the sensor
  • A self adhesive address tag is available for use with the B524HTR, which is stuck to the side of the base, and labelled as appropriate to allow the sensor address to be determined without removal of the sensor head
  • Terminal strip in the base
  • Tamper resist Tab
  • -30°C to +60°C operating temperature range
  • 10% to 93% Relative Operating Humidity